With an increasing convergence between graphic design and interior design, BAF’s capabilities open up the potential for Architects and Interior Designers to introduce bespoke digitally printed elements into their interior design schemes whether its for Bar, Restaurant or Hotel interior.

The advent of digital print opens up resources and opportunities for interior designers. Whether the origin of the design imagery is photographic or illustrative, it can be printed onto almost any media – rigid or flexible – and then applied to almost any form. This could be bespoke feature wallcoverings or inspiring backdrops to complete any design theme.

Any surface is a welcoming place to make a graphic design statement, bold or subtle, large or small. In addition to bespoke wallcoverings, printed canvas or reverse mounted images to acrylic can create the perfect artistic application.

Glazed surfaces such as windows and even bar fronts and tops can be transformed by print with imagery that seems almost as if it were an inherent part of it. Additionally, intricate cut graphics in unique free flowing styles and shapes can adorn both walls and glazing surfaces.

BAF is able to provides the interior design with a near endless resource of opportunity. Enquire or call us on 020 8875 8100 we would be delighted to assist you in translating your ideas into stunning graphic solutions that fit your budget and brief.