Portable Displays

BAF provide a wide range of high quality portable displays, pop-ups, pull-ups and other modular systems for all your marketing, event and promotional requirements. Each can be personalised with your own unique graphics, whether photographic or digitally printed.

At BAF we use a wide range of materials to create the prefect portable displays ideal for use at exhibitions and trade show displays. There are three main types of portable displays, PVC displays, aluminium composite displays and modular displays.

PVC Portable Displays

BAF’s PVC portable displays act as a perfect point of interest at trade shows and exhibitions, these banners are ideal for short term use at multiple locations. At BAF we understand that practicality is key when setting up for events and trade shows, we ensure our range of PVC banners require minimal set up and don’t require hours of tedious work.

Aluminium Portable Displays

BAF’s aluminium portable displays will also act as a perfect point of interest at trade shows and exhibitions. Our displays are also portable and require minimal set up. BAF’s aluminium displays will give your businesses exhibition stand a highly professional look and is ideal for longer term use and for interior and exterior exhibitions.

Modular Displays

Unlike our PVC and Aluminium portable displays BAF’s Modular displays are small scale interactive points of interest. Modular displays consist of a secure stand that will power and hold a tablet or similar device, this allows members of the public to be able to interact and learn more about the product in question.

If the displays above aren’t what you’re looking for BAF offer an innovative and easy to use display system known as Clever Frame. A truly multi-purpose system that consists of aluminium frames which can be configured into almost any form. You can manually connect the frames together without any tools or experience. Graphic panels, secured by magnets are simply hung to the face of the frame to give a stunning and near seamless graphic coverage. Have a look for yourself and see whether our Clever Frame service is for you.

Please enquire and we will be delighted to advise you on the most suitable system to meet your display needs and budget.