Hoarding Signage & Graphics

Our clients recognise that the impression their construction sites give is as important to what they will uncover and BAF has just the solutions.

Our in house hording and hoardfast displays will give by-standers an impression that a high standard of work will be taking place behind the display, our site hoarding signs also act as advertising for businesses under construction and the firm conducting the work.

Hoarding Graphics

Our graphic capabilities enable us to print direct to purpose suited hoarding grade materials such as Dibond, plywood and alike, both of which can be easily fixed direct to sub-frames with or without anti-graffiti and scuff resistant seal options.

For existing flat surfaces, digitally printed self adhesive vinyl is an ideal solution. Find more information on our self-adhesive printing services.

Other hoarding options include banner and building wraps which can be secured to scaffold or other framed structures.

If your business is in need of our in house Hoardfast and Hoarding Graphics then please enquire and we would be delighted to find the perfect solution for you.