Adhesive-Free Media

When you need a graphic solution that is easy to apply, remove and is damage free on removal, a repositionable adhesive-free is just the product for you. We can print on the adhesive free media with whichever design you choose to fit almost any business applications.


An ideal solution for self-application in retail and workplace environments. ‘Apeel’ is a unique PVC-free film that uses micro suction technology to adhere to smooth glossy surfaces, bubble-free. Available in white and clear with a print width of 1200mm.


Unlike traditional PVC based graphic materials ‘Ec-static’ is an electro-static polypropylene film that has been embedded with an electro-static charge and will adhere to virtually any clean or dry surface.  Available in white and clear with a print width up to 1300mm.

Apeel and Ec-Static are ideal for:

  • Retail Display
  • POP and Sale Graphics
  • Promotion and Campaigns
  • Workplace Communications
  • Branding
  • Events
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Design Details
  • Eco-friendly applications

‘Apeel’ and ‘Ec-Static’ can be cut as decals or hung in drops for fast and trouble free installation. Ideal for any temporary indoor promotion, campaign or display on walls, glass, tile, varnished wood and many other surfaces.

We can print your designs straight to the adhesive free media for you to use for whatever application you desire.


Why not also consider a magnetic graphic solution. Either as a two part product which incorporates printed steel paper that is receptive to an easily installed magnetic sub-surface, enabling the graphic drops themselves to be easily changed without fuss. A printed magnetic option is also available which adheres to magnet-receptive surfaces.

For more information on printing on adhesive free media or printing on magnetic surfaces, please get in touch and we would be delighted to help.